We use applied AI and conversational interfaces to create automation solutions.

Blue friendly robot

Our work includes a solution that helps victims of cyber crime, enterprise workflows and a voice-led AI football coach.

User first

We take a research led approach, creating solutions tailored to your user’s needs - whether text or voice.

We don’t limit you to one product or approach, enabling you to take advantage of the best technologies in a rapidly evolving market.

We will establish your strategic goals, scope and implement your project.


Open source platform

OpenDialog, our open source Conversation Management Platform integrates with leading channels including:

  • Facebook Messenger

  • On-website

  • Amazon Alexa

It has built-in support for natural language processing (NLP) services from Google, Microsoft and IBM.

OpenDialog’s powerful knowledge graph functionality allows you to capture organisational knowledge and tune your chatbot’s responses.


Experienced team

Our team has decades of experience in successfully implementing digital projects with leading global brands.

From strategic evaluation to project implementation we will ensure you are well positioned to understand your users, harness your data and gain insights from your investment.

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