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Artificial intelligence

Building AI software: Data-driven vs model-driven AI and why we need an AI-specific software development paradigm
24 August 2018 - HackerNoon

3 things that every company should do to prepare for the AI revolution
30 July 2017 - HackerNoon

Making Artificial Intelligence work for you — Part 2: Understanding what the user says
21 March 2017 - HackerNoon

Making Artificial Intelligence work for you: Part 1 — What is AI?
27 February 2017 - HackerNoon

Conversational interfaces

Chatbots have an identity problem. It’s time we got things straight.
25 June 2018 - HackerNoon

How Museums Are Using Chatbots
3 April 2017 - Chatbots Magazine

3 Things That Chatbots Shine at Compared to Websites or Apps
14 March 2017 - Chatbots Magazine

Why conversational interfaces are here to stay and how to plan for your chatbot
28 February 2017 - Chatbot News Daily

Digital transformation

The future of work
20 June 2018 - Medium

How technology is shaping the future of work
18 May 2018 - ITProPortal

A day at work in 2033
31 January 2018 - Medium

Product development

How not to kill good ideas
26 January 2018 - Medium

Introducing TeamChecklist — Share best practice using checklists in Slack
22 January 2018 - Medium


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