Applied AI agency

AI thrives on clear instructions and lots (and lots) of data. As a company you need to explicitly understand what it is that you do and what data you use to decide what to do next.

For example:

“To decide what action to take in step X of process Y we need to know the value of Z, which we compare to K and then decide based on whether K is bigger or smaller than Z.”

Invest in understanding you data flows and storing data in ways that it can be effectively reused is a key first step.

Platform selection

We will help you select the right artificial intelligence platforms to power your solution. The landscape is rapidly changing and it’s important to select the right platform, considerations include cost, flexibility, security, scalability and reliability.

This includes the selection of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning platforms. We work with the leading providers including Google, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon.

Rapid prototyping - prove the concept

Do, measure, learn.

Our process is focused on implementing prototypes early so we can understand how your users, your data and the application interact.

We use the information generated by real world usage to keep evolve our approach and guide feature selection.

Find out more about our approach in our article on Data-driven vs model-driven AI and why we need an AI-specific software development paradigm.

Scaling - measure the impact

Once we’ve got proven results we’ll work with you to deliver a full roll-out. This typically involves deeper integrations with the rest of your technology stack and driving production scale traffic through the platform.

Our Clients

Our clients include one of the world’s largest accountancy firms, a global drinks company and an innovative startup helping victims of cybercrime.

Next steps

See our latest Work, read more about our approach in Thinking or get in touch.