Sales and service automation with chatbots

What's the right service for me? Does this product have a warranty? I can't log in to my account, can you help?

Although many businesses have customer service webpages to answer these kinds of questions, many potential customers won’t use them or don’t understand them. Turning to a sales or customer service rep is likely to produce a response, but it is resource-intensive, restricted to working hours, and will probably require the customer to wait their turn on the phone.

Automation can help companies to deal with pre-sale and post-sale enquiries more efficiently, particularly when it comes to high volume, lower margin product lines, which can’t justify a high-touch sales process.

In fact, an automation tool can significantly improve the sales experience for the customer, as it gives them immediate product information tailored to their needs. For companies, this technology is easy and cost-effective to deploy. It offers increased sales conversion, reduced customer churn, and increased satisfaction, as well as being highly scalable – easily adjusted to match fluctuations in business demand.

Let's take a look at a sophisticated example of a company using sales automation now to improve customer experience and drive revenue.

Shell – navigating complex product offerings

Oil and gas company Shell offers a large variety of oils and lubricants for industrial applications – ranging from greases, electrical oils and hydraulic fluids. All of these products are specifically tailored according to equipment type, and using the wrong kind of oil can damage machinery and cause unplanned downtime.

While Shell's highly trained technical staff are available to advise customers on their needs, the company also offers an automated chatbot solution, LubeChat, via smartphones and computers. This platform serves as a reliable, on-demand repository for organisational knowledge, answering customer queries around the type of lubricant they need, providing detailed technical and product safety information, and supplying use cases for innovative Shell solutions that have been implemented in other businesses.

Interestingly, the LubeChat tool also details Shell alternatives to products from other brands, providing a neat lead-generation solution, and a simple way of attracting customers away from competitors.

What are your next steps?

In all areas of business, automation can make a difference - fast. In fact, it's possible to have simple solutions go live in as little as eight weeks.

Sales and customer service chatbots provide users with a quick and simple way of getting accurate information, whether that be advice on a product, post-sales support, or a way of requesting a call back from an adviser. For businesses, such tools are easy and cost-effective to implement, free up the time of employees, and provide a fast return on investment.

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