Machine learning consultancy

We will help you explore how to take advantage of machine learning (ML) techniques in order to improve your products and services.

As an experienced applied machine learning agency we’re here to help you understand your data, your use case and support implementation.

1. Feasibility

Understanding whether machine learning is an appropriate technique for your challenge is the first step. This stage ensures that you’ve got a solid theoretical foundation before we get into technical implementation.

We will also help you develop the supporting documentation to understand business needs, risk and cost to give you a more in-depth understanding of machine learning can help you.

2. Right data in the right place?

Data is fundamental to any machine learning project. We’ll help you get your data in an appropriate format, undertake any initial cleaning and map how you can ensure you have access to the right data in future.

3. Algorithm selection

Now that we have a solid understanding of your data, business goals and purpose we can evaluate which specific approach is appropriate and do some early testing.

4. Modelling and validation

Having produced a working model we need to ensure that it works at scale and is proven to deliver accurate results across a wider range of data.

5. Integration

It’s time to move to production. We’ll make sure that the project is tested and integrated with your platform.

If you’d like to find out more about machine learning consulting services please get in touch.