Chatbot interface demos

Key concepts

The chatbot on this page demonstrates two key conversational interface concepts - buttons and natural language processing. Either could be deployed on a website chatbot or used to power a bot on Facebook Messenger, Slack etc.

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The MovieFinder demo shows a large dataset (~500,000 items) being live interrogated through only simple button choices, in order to make a recommendation to a user.

Button interfaces are good at letting users navigate through complex choices quickly and ensuring they know what’s possible in a given context.

Natural language processing (NLP)

The visit The Shard demo shows a user asking free text questions to the chatbot. The chatbot analyses the questions to select a match from its database of answers. It is more sophisticated than keyword search as it understands the nature of the question but it cannot create unique answers, it simply matches to answers that it understands.

Beyond buttons and NLP

These examples demonstrate core interface models that you can combine or adapt to deliver reliably useful interactions with your users. You can also allow users upload photos, provide free text or personalise their choices.

Sophisticated purchase flows

The flow below is just a video mock up but demonstrates how a range of user interface elements can be used to complete a complex purchase flow, in this case in a Facebook Messenger like environment.

Image credit:  Isil Uzum .

Image credit: Isil Uzum.