Learn what's possible with Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook Messenger Bots complement your Facebook customer service experience and give helpful responses 24/7. Customers can still have a route to talk a human directly and multiple Bots can work together from the same Facebook Page to respond to different enquiries or serve different content to users.

Competitions and Quizzes

Engage customers with your product or service by offering a competition or quiz. 

Watch Facebook Messenger Competition demo

Product Search

Give your customers an innovative way to search your product catalogue and drive sales for selected lines. 

Watch Facebook Messenger Product Search demo

Exclusive Content With Messenger Codes

Facebook Messenger Codes give you a way to offer exclusive content or promotions through printed media.

Watch Facebook Messenger Codes demo

Store Finder

Use location data of users’ devices to offer a custom store finder within Facebook Messenger.

Watch Facebook Messenger Store Finder demo