Agent Assist Chatbots

The Opportunity

Customers expect rapid and responsive service yet even the best agents can struggle with multiple systems, changing information, new processes and after-call work.

Use conversational AI powered chatbots to support your agents, providing intelligent next action suggestion, knowledge base access and contextual conversational prompts.

Agent Assist Chatbots

Help Agents Deliver Better Service

Agent assist chatbots are used by contact centre agents to help them provide better service to customers. They can significantly cut the time spent searching for information, reducing time spent on hold and increasing first time resolution rates.

Improving agent experience with an agent assist chatbot can also help reduce stress levels and increase employee retention rates within the contact centre workforce.

Integrated Workflows

Using agent assist chatbots along with customer-facing chatbots enables seamless escalation to contact centre agents, avoiding repetition and providing immediate contextual information to the agent.

Agent assist chatbots can provide a unified front-end to multiple contact centre and back office platforms, reducing the time spent changing between multiple platforms during a call.

Chatbot Benefits


Serve more customers without increasing agent headcount.

Increase Agent Satisfaction

Reduce frustration and improve workforce morale.

Access Knowledge Rapidly

Give agents fast and helpful access to the latest information.

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Our bespoke agent assist chatbot packages can usually be deployed within four weeks.

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