Guide: Drive B2B sales with chatbots

The Opportunity

Conversational interfaces harness the power of messaging apps and AI to help boost sales and engagement at every stage of the traditional sales funnel - from generating awareness to assisting purchase decisions to after sales support and offers.

And because they’re always available, via as many instances as necessary, they can free up your sales and marketing staff to concentrate on more valuable activities.

Guide: Drive B2B sales with chatbots

Scale lead qualification with instant responses, 24/7

A perennial problem in the B2B sales pipeline is sorting the signal from the noise: disqualifying unsuitable leads takes up valuable time that could be spent reacting more quickly to higher-value enquiries. But what if you use a conversational interface to qualify leads for you?

That’s exactly what database and development platform MongoDB did, implementing a sales bot on their website to qualify initial sales enquiries and even schedule appointments with suitable sales representatives right in the chat window.

The bot not only frees up sales staff to concentrate on selling rather than lead qualification, it can also respond to enquiries and schedule sales appointments around the clock. The results: a 70% increase in new leads and 170% more sales opportunities.

Provide accurate product information and guidance

We think that Shell's LubeChat platform is a great case study in providing straightforward B2B product information across a complex product range.

It helps their customers find the right product for their equipment, access safety information and recommend alternative products if their existing choice isn't delivering results.

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