Contact Centre AI - Virtual Agents

The Opportunity

Customers expect 24/7 rapid and responsive service - help meet this demand with the latest virtual agents powered by Contact Centre AI and backed up by live chat.

Use conversational AI powered chatbots and livechat to support and supplement your agents - providing automated responses, intelligent next action suggestion or simple issue resolution.

Contact Centre AI - Virtual Agents

Help Agents Deliver Better Service With AI

Chatbots powered by Contact Centre AI are used by contact centres to help them provide better service to customers. They can significantly reduce inbound call volumes by answering simple queries automatically, signposting to other resources or escalating to live chat.

They are available 24/7 and infinitely scalable, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing operating costs.

Integrated Workflows

Using agent assist chatbots along with customer-facing chatbots enables seamless escalation to contact centre agents, avoiding repetition and providing immediate contextual information to the agent.

Agent assist chatbots can provide a unified front-end to multiple contact centre and back office platforms, reducing the time spent changing between multiple platforms during a call.

Voice & Text Virtual Agents

In addition to assisting your agents you can also deliver information direct to customers, reducing the load on your contact centre. This can be by providing an AI powered chatbot that can handover to an agent if required through to AI-powered phone voice solutions.

We work with a range of the leading contact centre AI technologies including Google Dialogflow Contact Centre AI and Amazon Connect.

Integrates with Your Existing Contact Centre Solution

Our technology can be used used standalone or through pre-built integrations with market leading contact centre providers.

We have significant experience in complex integrations with back-office systems such as order management and CRM platforms.



Serve more customers without increasing agent headcount.

Increase Agent & Customer Satisfaction

Reduce frustration and improve workforce morale.

Access Knowledge Rapidly

Give agents and customers automated access to the latest information.

Fully Managed Service

Our fully managed service covers the content creation and modelling, the virtual agent build and integration with your Contact Centre platform where provided.

Once your virtual agent is live then we continually monitor and add content, ensuring that the platform continues to learn from each user interaction.

Our Work & Proven Process

We have significant experience in creating virtual agent solutions - from multi-national companies, to the UK government and leading non-profits.

Our consultancy and engineering services have been developed to provide rapid, risk-free deployment of solutions.

Case studies

Next Steps

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