Sales & Customer Service

The Opportunity

Customers expect rapid and responsive customer service yet traditional contact centre approaches can’t deliver the scale and availability that the always-on consumer demands.

Use conversational AI powered chatbots to provide tailored 24/7 self-service for your current and future customers.

Sales & Customer Service

Personalised Chatbot Experience

From answering a simple query or making a booking through to delivering complex advice or diagnostics, conversational AI chatbots work alongside your existing sales and customer service channels to increase scale and reduce response times.

A positive chatbot experience reduces customer frustration and anger, as well as helping improve agent experience. This can improve employee retention and reduce stress-related burnout.

Measurable Business Benefits

Providing customers with the help they need, when they need it and through the channel of their choice drives brand perception and competitive advantage.

The agility of customer service chatbots means messaging or script changes can be rolled out instantly, helping contact centres provide accurate and consistent information during spikes in customer demand.

Improve the productivity of human agents in existing contact centres through more accurate initial enquiry routing, cutting unnecessary transfers and resolution times.

Chatbot Benefits


Enquiries are resolved 24/7 and overall resolution times reduced.


Meet the needs of large numbers of customers without increasing agent headcount.


Rapidly deploy changes to messaging and scripts in response to crisis situations.

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