Guide: Harness chatbots on Facebook Messenger

The Opportunity

Conversational interfaces are revolutionising the sales funnel by offering customers 24/7 product information - boosting customer acquisition, conversion and retention.

As stated in a recent report by Accenture, chatbots are here to stay. Surveying over 350 CIOs and CTOs across 12 different countries, they found that 56% say conversational bots are driving disruption in their industry.

Guide: Harness chatbots on Facebook Messenger

Increase conversions on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger bots can be used as a pure marketing play, engaging potential customers before directing them to your website to make a purchase. Of course, your chatbot will need to offer the audience something of value to hook them in the first place - whether that value is in the form of entertainment or help with a problem. This is where conversational design needs to get inventive.

Whole Foods’ Facebook Messenger bot helps users find inspiration for their next meal by suggesting recipes based on direct requests, filters, or even emojis. The bot then drives users from the platform (where the average user spends 50 minutes per day) to the Whole Foods website, or to their nearest store to purchase the necessary ingredients.

The benefits of sales automation

The automation of business functions provides three key benefits:

  1. It allows you to scale your organisation better by removing the bottleneck of having to map how to simultaneously scale inefficient and lower value processes that can be automated - often with increasing inefficiencies.

  2. It allows you to improve quality by standardising processes and making them available consistently 24/7. This, in turn, translates to better end-user experiences and overall increased client satisfaction.

  3. It allows you to innovate and experiment as it provides the space to explore further enhancements. Analysing and progressively automating high-volume low-effort tasks means your teams can focus on the more complex, high-value issues.

Provide tailored information to your customers

That’s just what the H&M chatbot does: by asking users some simple questions about their style, it then presents a series of outfit options, along with the total price, for users to like or dislike, guiding them through as many iterations as it takes to arrive at their perfect combination before sending them to the checkout.

Another great retail example is the Nike Coach, providing expert advice on selecting the right running gear.

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