Welfare and Support

The Opportunity

Use conversational AI powered chatbots to help people access the support and information they need day or night.

Chatbots help provide expert advice and information to people who need it, enabling organisations to serve more people more flexibly than with traditional approaches.

Welfare and Support

Information and Support

Reduce workload among frontline teams while answering questions, providing personalised information and directing people to helpful resources using a conversational AI powered chatbot.

Understand changing customer needs in real time using chatbots, helping you continue to provide help and information in rapidly changing circumstances. Rapidly update information without the overhead and delays that can happen when training and briefing frontline teams.

Intelligent Triage and Service Delivery

Improve the success rate of self-service interactions and solve 85% of service user needs via self-service using intelligent chatbots. Integrate with back office systems to provide deeper and more complex service delivery automation.

Chatbots can provide intelligent and dynamic triage to make sure that people get the help they need when they need it. Focus precious agent time on higher-priority interactions while chatbots handle simpler higher-volume enquiries.

Chatbot Benefits

Get Help 24/7

Provide helpline services outside traditional working hours.

Automate Service Delivery

Provide interactive help for users so they get what they need easily and quickly.

Augment Existing Teams

Focus expert agents on complex cases, automating lower level enquiries.

Our Work and Solutions

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Helping students rapidly access support for a wide range of problems.

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