Easily develop, manage and measure conversations across the leading chat platforms.

OpenDialog combines an easy to use admin interface with a flexible integration framework.


Built-in support for major channels

OpenDialog works right out of the box:

  • Amazon Alexa

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Slack

  • Web chat

  • In your app

Easily harness market leading AI platforms

AI technology is moving fast, our approach allows you to integrate the right platform for your project and evolve if necessary.

  • Google Cloud Natural Language

  • IBM Watson

  • Microsoft LUIS

We use a knowledge graph approach to capture organisational information and power your solution.


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Open source - no licence fees

OpenDialog is a fully open source platform - just like WordPress.

The benefits of an open source licence:

  • No licence fees or usage fees

  • Host in any AWS region or host in-house, on-premise if you wish

  • Extend functionality using your internal tech team

  • Codebase is fully audit-able

Want your tech team to use OpenDialog? Get in touch, we’re working on the first publicly available release now.

Powerful admin interface

The easy to use web management platform means you can track conversations across channels and train the platform yourself.

Features include:

  • Live chat inc. Human In The Middle

  • Powerful analytics reports

  • Bot management and training

  • Dialog and content editing

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OpenDialog is already managing 1000’s of conversations.

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