We use applied artificial intelligence and conversational interfaces to create new ways to engage with your audience.

Strategy and Training

We have the expertise to help you model and create bespoke experiences.

Feasibility - map your goals and validate approach

Data analysis - ensure your data is ready to use

Conversation design - flows and personality

ML machine learning consultancy and implementation

AI platform selection - Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM Watson



Our team has more than two decades of experience in successfully delivering projects for global brands - on time and on budget.

Integrate your systems - Slack, Facebook for Work, Microsoft Teams

Business process analysis - understand your current workflows

Strategy and architecture - choose the right technology and integration methods

Implementation - Predictable delivery, on time and on budget. We’re a leading UK chatbot agency.

Open source - Powered by our OpenDialog conversation management platform.

Our proven process

Strategic foundations
We kick off with a Blueprint Workshop - establishing strategic foundations, mapping use cases, personas and conversational flows.

Build, Refine and Deploy
By releasing an early prototype we can understand how your users engage with the platform and where to focus further improvements.

Learn, Train and Improve
With a live product we start collecting feedback and identify the most useful next steps.

Integration, Scaling, Analytics and Training
Now that we know what produces the best results we get ready for mass rollout.


Take a look at some of our Work or learn about OpenDialog.