Amazon Connect Virtual Agents

Expert implementation

We are specialists in creating virtual agents using Amazon Lex and Contact Centre AI to deliver intelligent solutions powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Improve customer service & experience

Help your consumer choose their own service path powered by AI in the cloud on Amazon Connect. These systems can hand over to a live human agent as required. Whether a simple or complex task we can build intelligent, on brand, chat systems.

Drive cost reductions through automation

Using platforms like Amazon Connect to drive automation can reduce the weight on your service team, allowing them to focus on real problems. Improving overall customer experience and saving operating costs for reinvestment.

Get the most out of Amazon Connect

Contact Centre AI

Opportunity mapping through, user experience research and business case development.

Our experts can help you identify how conversational AI can help your organisation.

Solution design

Once a concept is identified we'll validate it through user research and technical feasibility before full delivery.

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect uses AI to allow you to better understand trends, sentiment and compliance.

Production & deployment

Open source development of Chatbot, Virtual Assistant and Voice applications for B2C & B2B platforms.

Enterprise systems integration, full testing & QA management and deployment.

Measurement & Optimisation

Dashboard development for KPI tracking, data analysis, insight reports, features pipeline and A/B testing.

Once live we can provide tools and support for ongoing optimisation.

Enterprise scale delivery

API development and integration to connect conversational tools and data with your existing tech stack.

User-led solution design

Key to our process is understanding your user needs so that we can design services that thrive. Our strategy, architecture, content design and testing services guarantee high quality results.

Proven agile process

Each project we work on is split into phases: pre-project, feasibility, foundations, design direction and evolutionary development. Our process has been developed from the DSDM Agile Project Framework. We invest heavily in agile training for our team and clients.

Open source experts

We've created an open source content management platform, OpenDialog, designed to address the needs of enterprise scale conversational interface projects. It works seamlessly with Amazon Connect.

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