Support automation using chatbots

The benefits of support automation

The automation of support functions provides three key benefits:

  1. It allows you to scale your organisation better by removing the bottleneck of having to map how to simultaneously scale support - often with increasing inefficiencies.

  2. It allows you to improve quality and resolution times by standardising support processes and making them available consistently 24/7. This, in turn, translates to better end-user experiences and overall increased client satisfaction.

  3. It allows you to innovate and experiment as it provides the space to explore further enhancements. Analysing and progressively automating the high volume / support tasks means your teams can focus on the more complex, high-value issues.

Increase scale at low cost

They enable at scale issue analysis and solution evolution so that you can continue to improve issue resolution and of course resolve underlying issues in products and services.

Learn and improve over time

A conversational support solution can learn and improve over time by studying your users language and choices, it can run automatically find ways to resolve issues faster.

Preparing for automation

Adopt agile principles

Applying agile principles may seem like a foregone conclusion for many projects or it may seem like a bad fit for certain organisational structures.

Automation projects, however, add an added dimension of urgency to the need to use agile principles.

Understand process

Before we move to design potential conversations and the overall solution we must first ensure that we have a good enough understanding of the underlying processes.

As we codify processes with the required level of clarity it is crucial that we talk and involve the people that perform the actions and are involved daily.

Gather data

Hand-in-hand to talking with the people involved in the process is the gathering of historical data. Data will help us identify trends and potential “hotspots” that were not obvious to everyone.

In addition, depending on the automation task, data will also be crucial in helping fine-tune or actually train appropriate models to deal with specific issues.

Prepare content

Core to the successful outcome of a conversational application is the appropriate content to help users resolve their problems.

Preparing content is an activity that needs to start as early as possible in the process as the type of content needs to inform the design of conversations and we also need to ensure that content preparation does not become a blocker to actually releasing a solution.

Provide support across multiple channels


Google Home
Facebook Messenger
Web Chat


Microsoft Teams
Facebook at Work
Web Chat

Enterprise scale delivery

API development and integration to connect conversational tools and data with your existing tech stack.

User-led solution design

Key to our process is understanding your user needs so that we can design services that thrive. Our strategy, architecture, content design and testing services guarantee high quality results.

Proven agile process

Each project we work on is split into phases: pre-project, feasibility, foundations, design direction and evolutionary development. Our process has been developed from the DSDM Agile Project Framework. We invest heavily in agile training for our team and clients.

Open source experts

We've created an open source content management platform, OpenDialog, designed to address the needs of enterprise scale conversational interface projects. It works with the leading AI cloud platforms and conversational channels.

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