Healthcare - Conversational AI

Create innovative new services

Conversational AI offers an opportunity to improve patient services and increase operational efficiency by creating automated, personalised services.

Create triage and diagnostic flows

Give patients simple to use, instant access to recommendations and advice. Support them with better treatment reminders and ensure problems can be escalated quickly.

Improve Contact Centre services

Improve call handing with Contact Centre AI through virtual assistants and chatbots on websites and in mobile apps. Simple enquiries can be automatically handled 24/7 and more complex queries can be resolved more quickly with agent-assist technologies.

See it in action

Our work for innovative healthtech startup iPhysio created an easy to use patient advice tool powered by conversational AI.

Find out more about our iPhysio healthcare conversational AI solution.

Conversational AI in Healthcare

Strategy and User Experience

Our expert team will help you plan a solution that meets your needs.

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Harness the leading tech

We work across a range of the leading technologies from Google Dialogflow to open source alternatives.

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Virtual Agent Contact Centre AI

Our Virtual Agent solutions integrate with the leading Contact Centre platforms enabling live chat and agent assist.

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