Local Government - Contact Centre AI

How Virtual Agents can reduce costs and improve service in local government

Conversational AI powered chatbots can help local government automate common contact centre enquiries. Dealing with out of hours enquiries means better service and lower contact volumes in-hours.

Improve call resolution rates

Contact Centre AI can improve call handing through virtual assistants and chatbots on websites and in mobile apps. High volume enquiries such as waste and recycling issues can be handled automatically, reserving agent time for more complex enquiries.

Deflect local government contact centre calls with chatbots

Virtual agents can be deployed both on your website and for voice contacts. More complex queries can be automatically escalated for resolution by a virtual agent.

Our services for Local Government

Strategy and User Experience

Our expert team will help you plan a solution that meets your needs.

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Harness the leading tech

We work across a range of the leading technologies from Google Dialogflow to open source alternatives.

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Virtual Agent Contact Centre AI

Our Virtual Agent solutions integrate with the leading Contact Centre platforms enabling live chat and agent assist.

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