Not For Profits - Chatbots Scale Support

Scaling support teams, and transforming access to help

Conversational AI powered chatbots can help not-for-profit and charity organisations improve the way they provide support to those who depend on them.

Reduce helpline costs and increase reach

Handle larger numbers of enquiries during peak times using an automated chatbot, freeing up support members to deal with more complex enquiries and focus on conversation.

Improve the quality of support by providing a more personalised service, helping people find the information they need every time, whether that’s support signing up for a fundraising event, or directions to a helpline.

If you're running a full-scale Contact Centre our Contact Centre AI services allow you to integrate automation, virtual agents and live chat within your existing platform and team.

24/7 non-judgemental advice

Help those you support access your helpline at any time through a help chatbot. This non-judgmental means of communication can be the difference between asking for help and suffering in silence.

Enable staff to provide more sensitive support by using an internal chatbot to guide them through complicated situations.

Our work with not for profit The CyberHelpline has improved access to essential support for victims of cyber crime, including those affected by domestic abuse and cyber stalking.

Common not-for-profit use cases

Fundraising engagement

Help your supporters understand how their donation with an interactive conversation rather than a wall of text.

Enhanced support line services

Offer an alternative to phone support that is accessible 24/7 and on channels such as web chat that younger users are more comfortable with.

Signpost with simple questions

Help your service users find the right service by asking them simple diagnostic questions and making a recommendation.

Solutions for Improving Support