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Senior Laravel Developer

Experience with Laravel / PHP
You’ve worked on a few Laravel projects as a senior developer or lead developer. Laravel is not the only framework you’ve used but currently it is your main tool. You keep a keen eye on developments both in the Laravel world and the wider PHP world and maybe even actively participate in some open-source projects. 

Front-end JS  / GraphQL
You’ve setup information rich application front-ends using Vue.js or React. This is maybe not your strongest point but you know enough to solve problems. You’ve played around with tools like d3.js. 

Technical Architecture
You’ve had to solve some complicated problems integrating multiple services. MySQL is not the only database you’ve ever used. You’ve worried about scalability and how to deploy applications in a way that is reliable, robust and secure. You’ve worked with other programming languages and know the difference between the Mediator and the Observer pattern. 

Product Mentality / Critical Thinking
When you work on solving a problem you worry about how this impacts the rest of the team, the company and customers. You don’t mind asking questions like Why are we doing this? and also Have you thought of this other way? You have strong opinions but you don’t mind letting go of them - as long as the counter-argument is good enough. Ultimately, you get to work to get things done that need to be done even if nobody asked explicitly and you get a kick out of seeing a beautiful finished product you worked on in someone else’s hands. 

Communication & Collaboration Skills
You can explain what you are doing and why to both technical and non-technical people. You’ve worked remotely and you know that the key to a successful remote team is clear communication and great collaboration skills. 

What we are offering

Work with exciting technology - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Conversational Platforms 

Work with a startup team to define a whole new area - the way we work is going to be heavily impacted by these technologies. We are building the tools for how work will be done in the future. 

Work with a team that values you and your time - we don’t work hard and play hard. We work smart and then take the time we need to make sure we enjoy the rest of our lives and recharge our brains so we can work smart. 

Work remotely - we have offices in London but are spread across Europe. 

Salary and Benefits - according to experience

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