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An enterprise Slack product that helps teams be happier and more productive.

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Win on Facebook Messenger

Created an engaging new experience, on Facebook Messenger, allowing customers to participate in a competition to receive a free drink at participating cinemas. Commissioned by a global drinks brand.

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Fighting cybercrime

A first of its kind -  a sophisticated chatbot that analyses user supplied information using advanced NLP and domain-specific ontologies to diagnose and provide instant support with cybercrime related issues.

Driven by our own web chat platform.

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OpenDialog is our an open-source agent construction toolkit for conversational agents.

It brings together ideas from agent-based software development and conversational modelling to support sophisticated chatbot solutions. It has built in support for conversational platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack and native on-website chat plugin support.


Facebook Messenger

Messenger is a sophisticated platform to engage your audiences in novel ways. We have extensive experience in building bespoke integrations and flows.

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The startup world is fast-paced and getting timely answers to complex problems is paramount.

Our chatbot is the repository of decades worth of experience, distilled and personalised to meet the needs of startups.

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