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An enterprise workplace team collaboration product that helps teams get organised on Slack.

Works with users on Slack to manage and remind them of their team tasks.

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Win on Facebook Messenger

Created an engaging new experience, on Facebook Messenger, allowing customers to participate in a competition to receive a free drink at participating cinemas. Commissioned by a global drinks brand.

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Fighting cybercrime

A first of its kind - a sophisticated chatbot that analyses user supplied information using advanced NLP and domain-specific ontologies to diagnose and provide instant support with cybercrime related issues. This takes advantage of the client’s specialist knowledge in this area.

Driven by our own web chat platform, currently being tested by UK police forces.

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OpenDialog is our an open-source agent construction toolkit for conversational agents.

It combines agent-based software concepts and conversational modelling to create sophisticated chatbot solutions. It has built in support for conversational platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Slack, in-app and on-website.


Facebook Messenger

Messenger is a sophisticated platform to engage your audiences in novel ways. We have extensive experience in building bespoke integrations and flows.

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The startup world is fast-paced and getting timely answers to complex problems is paramount.

Our chatbot is the repository of decades worth of HelloNina’s commercial, legal and accounting experience - distilled and personalised to meet the needs of startups.

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Global accounting firm

We’ve created a sophisticated conversational application that helps both clients and audit team collect and verify information. The platform integrates with key platforms and meets strict enterprise security standards.


Football Manager on Amazon Alexa

Our AI Football Manager developed for EngineeringUK’s Big Bang Fair received significant global press coverage. The purpose of the project was to promote STEM careers and demonstrate how AI can be relevant to the mass market. Watch it in action.

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