AI Enterprise Knowledge Management

The Opportunity

Our client faced a challenge that many large organisations face. They had multiple repositories of data, information and knowledge within their organisation - often unknown or inaccessible to users who could benefit from them.

AI Enterprise Knowledge Management

Our Solution

We created a sophisticated chatbot and knowledge management system that can synthesise information from multiple data sources via federated search. Harnessing conversational AI, users can use natural language queries and conversational flow to efficiently discover the relevant information for them.

Due to the simple conversational flow it's easy to discover complex, multi-document information even on hand held devices.


Previously unavailable knowledge accessible to users

An open source-led approach meant that further innovation and analysis is straightforward

A secure, standards-based approach enables enterprise scale adoption



The platform uses OpenDialog's web chat module or XMPP to interact with users

Natural Language Processing

We use Rasa and OpenDialog to create an open source natural language understanding and intent mapping solution


Delivered in a scalable Open Source framework allowing ownership of all data

Knowledge graphs

We created a series of knowledge graphs allowing sophisticated interactions and search queries

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