Contact Centre AI - Hospitality

The Opportunity

Contact Centres are increasingly struggling to meet demands for 24/7, instant resolution to customer sales and support enquiries.

Virtual agents powered by conversational AI provide a cost effective means to resolve simple enquiries before they ever reach a human agent.

Contact Centre AI - Hospitality

Our Solution

A leading hospitality brand wanted to improve customer service satisfaction whilst managing contact centre costs. Their existing contact centre was struggling to keep with an increasing number of enquiries.

We created a solution that integrated with their existing contact centre platform. Leveraging Google Dialogflow's CCAI platform it allows simple enquiries to be managed by a virtual agent and escalates complex enquiries to a human agent.

Embed on websites and in apps

The solution we created has the ability to be both embedded on the customer website and in their mobile app. This has meant that many simple enquiries are diverted and resolved before ever reaching a human agent.

Live chat with agents

Complex queries that cannot be resolved by the virtual agent are automatically escalated to a human agent. This provides the optimal customer experience, an instant response backed up by expert help if required.

Voice and text channels

The technology selected for this solution supports both phone and text interactions - making management and expansion of the system cost effective and simple.


Instant, 24/7 support has been proven to create happier customers and reduced costs

The solution is being expanded to cater for additional languages in other countries

The range and complexity of enquiries that the system can deal with is being continually expanded


Contact Centre

The platform integrates with a global leader in contact centre platforms, maintaining a simple, integrated technology stack

Storing knowledge

We use knowledge graphs to capture sales and support knowledge. This means we can train the platform over time, increasing the accuracy and sophistication with each interaction.

Powered by Google

Google Dialogflow CCAI to provide NLP and voice capabilities on this solution, benefitting from ongoing platform improvements from Google.

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