Sales and Marketing Automation with Chatbots

The Opportunity

We helped a global technology brand's customers choose a product from their range more quickly and easily, driving significantly increased revenue.

The solution instantly scaled up and down to meet their peaks and troughs in demand.

Sales and Marketing Automation with Chatbots

Our Solution

A global market leader in enterprise technology products commissioned us to implement a sales automation solution. The goal was to deliver sales growth to one of their higher volume, lower margin product lines.

We combined Google Dialogflow with OpenDialog to create a platform that integrated product knowledge, live chat and lead generation.

We then worked with the client to expand the platform to other product lines and provide product support.

We worked with client from strategy definition, visual and interaction design, solution build, Google Cloud Platform management and ongoing improvements.

The OpenDialog framework enabled easy integration with the necessary enterprise platforms including CRM and product databases.


Thousands of transactions are successfully facilitated globally every day.

The initial platform was subsequently expanded to work across multiple product lines and to deliver customer support.

The project was deemed a commercial success, increased capacity and improvements on conversions.


Web chat

The platform uses OpenDialog to provide flexible integrations with the different internal platforms, drive webchat and design the conversations.

Storing knowledge

We use knowledge graphs to capture product information and allow them to train the platform over time, increasing the quality of recommendations.

Natural Language Processing

We use Google Dialogflow and a custom livechat solution combined with OpenDialog

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