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Chatbots in the University Admissions Process

The Opportunity

Brunel University, one of London’s most popular seats of higher learning, approached us to improve the efficiency of their Clearing process.

They wanted to provide 24/7 advice whilst maintaining high quality standards.

Chatbots in the University Admissions Process


Brunel University recognised that chatbots could be a way to maintain a fast, efficient information service for prospective students, and that implementing automation could help take the stress and repetition (all applicants are typically asked the same questions initially) out of admissions.

We built a custom chatbot, to guide prospective students with the correct first-stage questions, covering what their grades were and the course they were looking to undertake.


Brunel University’s chatbot can understand and categorise the most specific of queries and answers relating to admissions. One of the key challenges we solved was how to most effectively present long-form lists – a given, considering there are thousands of courses for students to choose from. We designed specific conversational interface components to cater to users needing to make choices from very long lists of courses.

Once prospective students had chatted with the chatbot to obtain answers to their initial questions, they were well-placed to be connected with a human admissions officer, who could offer advice and more detailed information about courses, significantly reducing the time between first contact and offers being made.

Our OpenDialog platform underpinned a thorough and flexible conversational interface that also met Brunel’s rigorous security standards.


Web Chat

The platform uses OpenDialog's web chat module to interact with users

Expert System

The platform holds the admissions knowledge and customises the conversation to the user


Delivered in a scalable Open Source framework allowing ownership of all data

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